For many,he words Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become everyday words. For others, they’re merely vague subjects!
Well, that didn’t stop Blockchain from invading the world. According to Tim Draper, the founder of “Draper Associates”, within five years, crytocurrencies are going to be the sole and unique payment method.

His declaration went viral on internet: “Within five years, you would go somewhere to try to pay with money; the waitress would laugh at you and ask you for cryptocurrencies instead.”

His siding with virtual money didn’t stop there. He showed up on CNBC, wearing a tie with Bitcoin patterns printed on it, to state that the movement is even bigger than the history of internet itself.

According to him, all governments will be digitalized and would argue over cryptocurrencies. Each of them, accordingly, would provide inexpensive and gainful services, which are things that governments have never done before.

On another note, he underlined bitcoin’s power, stating that it is the only stable currency and that he would like to trade all his US dollars for Bitcoin.

“There will be no use of fiat money. None of us would ever use it again in five years. All of those efforts of development and focus on Bitcoin are not just a part of fun. And, I think that we will use it everywhere in the future.”

This gentleman needs to be taken seriously, he’s not just anybody. In 2014, he bought 30,000 BTC from “U.S. Marshals Service auction” to get a fortune that equals $350 billion or $500 billion.

Not only is he talented in trading, but also in predicting. During the same year (2014), he foretold that Bitcoin would exceed 10.000$ within 3 years.
Three years later, bitcoin attained 10.000$, and even went beyond last November.

Draper was solicited to make a new prediction, and he responded that he will make one for the whole world, on April, the 12th 2018.
Do you really think that fiduciary money would cease to exist? Should we get into trading as well?

Well, while waiting for what he has to say, share with us your opinions today!